Can I drop off my child for class or is it necessary to stay?

All of our classes denote if a caregiver is required for the duration of the class.  These generally cover our younger (2-4 age group) classes.  If you do stay, we encourage you to let your child do things themselves.  We try to promote independence and our teaching staff is always near for extra support.

Can my child make up a class?

If your child is registered for the full semester or a multi-class pack and cannot attend their regularly scheduled class during any given week of the semester, please email or call 212.475.0500 to let us know.  He or she is welcome to attend an equivalent, age-appropriate class on any other day of the week, please call or email to make sure there is availability in the class. We allow 3 make-up classes per semester.  If you are attending a one time class, we kindly ask for a minimum of 24-hours for a cancellation.  We understand that things happen last minute, but ask that you please let us know you are unable to attend and we will do our best to accommodate you in rescheduling.  If you “no-show/no-call” for a class you are not entitled to a credit or refund.

Can my child take one class or do I have to register for the full semester?

You are welcome to take just one class, a series of classes or register for the full semester.  You can join at any point throughout the semester at prorated prices.  We find that when children attend multiple classes they can build upon their skills each week, fully experience the wide array of ingredients we use, and become more comfortable each week in both our kitchen and yours!

Do you provide the menu ahead of time?

Our policy here at Freshmade is to not share the menu ahead of time. We know that children can be fickle with their tastes and what we know from experience is that kids are more apt to try new foods when they cook them.  By not sharing the menu ahead of time, their imaginations are fully open when they walk into our studio, leaving them more open to trying and discovering new things. Our mission is to expose children to wide array of ingredients, spices and cuisines through our classes. It also gives us some flexibility with the availability of fresh produce and sometimes we just get inspired at the very last minute!

Does your studio have a bathroom?

We have a shared bathroom with our floor. There is separatemens room and a ladies room. A code is needed for entry.  Unfortunately, there is no changing table in the bathroom, we have requested this several times from our landlord but he is not willing to add one in.

How many students per class?

We offer small class sizes, most classes are typically 6-8 students for age group 2-4 and 10-12 students for age group 5-13.  All classes are taught by one lead teacher and one assistant teacher.  When we do have larger groups, a second assistant is added.

Is your kitchen kosher?

No, our kitchen is not kosher but we are happy to arrange a private class in your kosher kitchen. Please call us to discuss private classes.

What if my child has a food allergy/intolerance? 

Freshmade caters to many allergy and dietary restrictions. Although we are not an allergy-free facility, all student information is taken beforehand and we will substitute ingredients as needed to accommodate your child’s dietary needs. If your child has a severe allergy, it is best for you to call first so that we may discuss the menu in question.  Last minute substitutions may not always be available, it is best to call in a minimum 24-48 hours to your child’s class to notify us of your child’s needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellation requests can be made by phone (212.475.0500) or via email ( a minimum of 24-hours prior to the event to receive a credit for a future class.  Because we purchase food/perishable ingredients and prepare specifically for a certain number of students in the class, no credits or refunds are offered for last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) of Freshmade’s classes, camps or workshops.  All issued credits expire 6 months from issue date.  Eligible credits may be used towards any comparable class or upgraded class (additional charges may apply).  If you “No Show/No Call” for a class you are not entitled to a credit or refund.  On rare occasions when we have to reschedule or cancel a class you will be contacted at the phone number and email address provided during registration with a choice for a full refund or credit for future class.  If you have any specific questions regarding these policies please do not hesitate to reach us at 212.475.0500 or

What kind of knives to you use in class?

We use Curious Chef brand knives in our Little Chefs and some Young Chefs classes.  Curious Chef makes real, kid-safe tools for little hands.  We also have them available for sale in our studio.  Older age groups may graduate to using a more advanced knife, we use this one from Ikea as well as this one from Opinel.

What kinds of ingredients do you use? 

Our menus here at Freshmade are mostly vegetarian. You may occasionally find recipes throughout the semester that incorporate chicken or fish. We never use red meat or pork products. Our produce is seasonal. All ingredients are organic whenever available.  If we are using chicken or fish on a particular day, we will always have a vegetarian substitution available for our vegetarian friends!

What should we bring to class with us?

Freshmade provides all the necessary ingredients and tools needed within the class. It is helpful to send a reusable water bottle with your child, please label it with your child’s name.  Freshmade has fresh, filtered water available to fill it with.

Will my child eat in class?

Absolutely! Students are encouraged to enjoy the foods made in class together as a group. Freshmade will pack up any leftovers to take home.