Catering With Freshmade

Catering is available for our in-house parties only.
Pricing is based on the number of guests and options selected.
To receive a quote please submit a request

Fruit & Cheese Platter

assorted fresh organic fruits, assorted dried fruits, assorted cheeses, crackers, breadsticks

Fresh Fruit Salad with Honey & Mint

season fruits, pure honey, fresh mint 

Crudite Platter

assorted fresh vegetables with choice of one – hummus, guacamole, tzatziki

Bagel Platter

assorted bagels, assorted cream cheese, butters, jams 

upgrade to deluxe bagel platter (+ assorted deli spreads, lox, cucumber, tomato, red onion, capers)

DIY Yogurt Bar

Greek yogurt, fresh berries, granola, honey, seeds, nuts

Assorted Quiche

– pesto, cherry tomato, mozzarella
-potato, onion, gruyere, thyme, truffle
-broccoli, shallot, cheddar
(each serves approx 6-8 guests)

Selection of Tea Sandwiches

choice of two:
-brie, seasonal jam, arugula (with or without turkey)

-hummus & fresh veggie
-curry chicken salad with baby greens
-fresh vegetables with herb goat cheese
-tomato-mozzarella with baby greens, sliced red onion, and balsamic aioli
-smoked salmon, cream cheese, baby greens, red onion, capers
-cucumber, dill, creme fraiche
-cream cheese & fresh strawberries w/honey drizzle
-cream cheese & cucumber with chives
-herbed egg salad with greens
-Mediterranean style tuna salad with baby greens

Chips & Dips

organic tortilla chips with choice of:
-Pico de Gallo

-Seasonal Salsa
-Fresh Veggies for dipping by request

Seasonal Green Salad Options

vary by season

Seasonal Grain Salad Options

vary by season

Coffee Service

includes: coffee, assorted milks/creamers (dairy and non-dairy), assorted sweeteners, cups, stirrers, napkins

Tea Service

includes: assorted herbal teas, lemons, mint, assorted sweeteners

Bottled Beverages

bottled flat water
bottled sparkling water
flavored sparkling waters

Fresh Juices