Freshmade NYC is a fun and exciting venue for your next private event!  Whether you are gathering friends for a fun date night experience, celebrating a birthday or arranging a team outing, we can’t think of a more welcoming and laid-back place to host you and your guests. While all of our events can be customized to suit your needs, here are just a few exciting ideas to entice your palate.

Private Cooking Classes
Our private cooking classes provide a relaxing, fun, and engaging dining experience for your group. Each class ends with a sit-down meal where you can kick back with a glass of wine and enjoy the fruits of your labor. We work with you to choose a curriculum that is curated to best suit your group, taking all the dietary preferences and restrictions into consideration.

(Great for parties and team outings!)

Private Event
The entire Freshmade space can be rented depending on your needs. You’ll have access to all of the kitchen equipment and appliances. We can provide staff and catering as well.

(Great for photo shoots, video production, hosting your own dinner party!)

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