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Freshmade NYC:  This catering company and cooking school for kids specializes in organic, vegan, and otherwise virtuous eats for unsuspecting children. They drop off a single dish or create a soup-to-nuts themed celebration—say, a tea party or Mexican fiesta. Catering starts at $1,500 for up to fifteen kids and covers setup, cleanup, and basic decorations.  …read more

Things to Do:  Freshmade NYC Open House

In honor of its new kids cooking school location, Freshmade NYC is hosting a 3-day Open House! Each day will include a different kid-friendly activity …read more

Freshmade NYC:  A New Family Cooking School Opens Its Kitchen Doors

While we all want kids who willingly chow on their veggies and sneer their noses up at greasy fast food, the reality is that living in our city where you can get pretty much anything delivered at any time of day (or night) means that come dinnertime, we often choose convenience over health. As parents of kids who would rather sit idly at the dinner table than swallow a morsel of broccoli, we couldn’t be more excited for the debut of Freshmade NYC, a family cooking school devoted to making food healthy, creative, fun. …read more

Best NYC Open Houses for After School Classes

Sample fall after-school classes with commitment-free open houses and trial lessons throughout the city. …read more

Fresh, Fun & Healthy Kids Cooking Classes at Freshmade NYC

Freshmade NYC — launching on September 24th just in time for planning back-to-school activities! Freshmade brings children ranging from toddlers to young teens a unique alternative to traditional extracurricular activities like soccer, ballet or art classes. Before, during or after school, the fun and interactive cooking classes are designed to educate children about living a healthy lifestyle—from eating healthy foods, to keeping their bodies healthy with exercise and feeding their minds with education. These small classes of about ten students will encourage kids to get their creative juices flowing and strengthen their math, science and literary skills! For your consideration, please see the below information regarding the unique experience children can have at Freshmande—either before, during or after school!  …read more

Best Kids Parties: Celebrate Brooklyn

Summer birthdays can be both a blessing and burden. On one hand, you can use the outdoors as a lovely natural backdrop for a party. On the other hand, the weather can be unpredictable, and families are often out of town and unavailable to attend the festivities. So we decided to keep our son’s first birthday informal by hosting the party at the newly-developed Brooklyn Bridge Park.  Special Brooklyn-specific elements were woven in, like the bridge cookie favors and birthday sign made up of old subway maps…read more

BABY DOES NYC recommends Freshmade NYC

We like to give a plug out to an authentic new NYC biz. Here’s one for your bookmarksread more

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Freshmade NYC has been a dream of mine for a little over 2 years now, since the birth of my daughter. Ironically, the idea began with the sheer exhaustion I felt at the idea making a healthy meal for myself and my husband in between taking care of a newbornread more

Pizza again? A New Catering Service for Birthday Parties

Pizza is a birthday party staple for a reason: it’s a crowd pleaser, not to mention affordable and easy to serve.  But one New York mom is betting there’s a market for healthier offerings.  Cara Buffalino-Silman and her business partner Thomas Stevens have just launched Freshmade NYC, a catering and event planning company tailored for tots…read more

Enchanting the City with Freshmade NYC

Finding something when you really need it is typically a problem for most unless you are one of the few who were born with enormous amounts of luck.

How many of us find it hard to find healthy, organic, vegan, no GMOs without sacrificing taste and trusting the source of the food?  This becomes doubly important when you are feeding your family, and mainly your children…read more

Freshmade is Made in Heaven

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Fresh­made NYC.  Not only were they kind enough to spon­sor the NYC food for March, but it was insanely tasty…read more

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